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As a responsible employer, BQ Contractors Limited is committed to safeguarding the occupational health, safety and welfare of all its employees by providing, so far as reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy environment

We belief that effective healthy and safety practices contribute directly to better performance. We not only comply with health and safety legislation, but also adopt recognized good practices and industry leadership to attain the highest standards.

-To advance a collective healthy and safety culture, BQ Contractors Limited believes in both operational and organizational excellence

Occupational Excellence


-We reduce risk to those working offshore by advancing a culture of safety that encourages industry to go beyond baseline regulatory compliance


-We promote environmental stewardship through integrated prevention, complianceand preparedness practices.


-We actively identify and pursue opportunities to improve sustainable practices in all our construction activities. In collaboration with the client, we ensure accurate measures are taken way on time.

Organizational Excellence

Our People:

– BQ contractors Limited has grown to become an employer of choice. We value,engage, and support our people so they can excel.


-We consistently collect, analyze and use quality information to drive efficiency in decision making.


-We promote transparency through processes that ensure consistency, efficiency, accountability and collaboration.

Welding Using Certified Coded Welders

Welding Using Certified Coded Welders