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From humble beginnings in 1996, BQ Contractors Limited has grown to become a key player in the efficient delivery of quality construction works particularly in the areas of mechanical, civil and building engineering. As a an opportunity for growth we have expanded our operations into the Kenyan market and increased service portfolio to electrical engineering works in our endeavor to complement the already diversified client experience. We continue to modernize our operations through quality investment in latest technology with intend to secure superior customer satisfaction.

Among other mega assignments, BQ Contractors was the lead partner in the construction of a 7.7 kilometer natural gas distribution pipeline from PRS Ubungo to TPDC Village Mikocheni, and connection of 56 houses and five industrial plants to the natural gas network. Our involvement in this landmark government project was a massive turn-around to our glowing portfolio. We are particularly delighted to be part of a team that created a new era in the distribution and easy access of natural gas for both domestic and industrial requirements.

BQ Contractors looks forward to working with the government and other stakeholders in the second phase of the project where an estimated 30,000 homes and manufacturing firms will be reached. Upon completion, the expanded project is expected to considerably reduce manufacturing and production cost, leading to reduced prices of goods and services. And BQ Contractors is happy to be part of the history that would enhance people’s lifestyles through reduced cost of living.


Photos indicate the Construction of a 7.7km Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline from CNG Ubungo to Mikocheni Village and Connection of 57 homes and 5 Industrial Plants to the Supply Network.